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If you are injured in the Bay Area, or San Diego County, personal injury law firm Albert G. Stoll, A Law Corporation can work with you to prove fault and recover proper compensation for your injury. Our injury attorneys will investigate the facts of your case, develop the required proof of fault and aggressively pursue your interests in insurance or court proceedings.

In California, even if you are somewhat at fault for the accident, you may be able to collect damages from another party who is also partly to blame for the injury.

Joseph Cagigas, Jr.

Joseph is a native of Chula Vista, California. He matriculated at San Diego State University, where he graduated with a B.A. in Economics before moving north to earn his J.D. from the University of San Francisco Law School in 2016.


While in law school, Joseph focused on providing legal representation to the vulnerable and underrepresented, prompting his volunteer efforts at San Francisco’s Eviction Defense Collaborative and Legal Aid San Diego. At both of these nonprofits, he helped assist low-income tenants defend their housing rights.


Joseph joined the AGS firm as an intern in 2015 before transitioning into full-time employment. He concentrates his practice at AGS in personal injury, representing clients who have been severely injured in accidents at the fault of someone else. A majority of his practice involves pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and car accidents.


Mr. Cagigas approaches every case with the goal to provide honest, professional, and zealous advocacy to his clients while helping them recover compensation for the injury they have suffered.

In his free time, he loves to travel, hike, and watch his hometown San Diego Padres baseball team.



California, 2017



JD, University of San Francisco School of Law, 2016

BS, San Diego State University, 2012



State Bar of California

City Bus Negligence


In a case against the city of San Francisco, we recovered $1,600,000 in medical bills and $1,500,000 in cash damages (for a total settlement of $3,100,000) on behalf of our plaintiff, an 83 year old male, who was struck by a MUNI bus and suffered catastrophic injury to his legs. The San Francisco police report…

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Waste Spillage Fatality


We recovered a settlement totaling $730,000 on behalf of our client, an 81-year-old female who was killed when she was driving westbound on a two-lane state highway, lost control of her vehicle, crossed over the center double yellow line, and impacted the front of an eastbound truck, killing her. This initial impact caused the eastbound…

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Trio of Wrongful Deaths


In a wrongful death case based on elder abuse, our client’s loved one was an elderly female suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia who wandered from her assisted living facility through a broken gate, unattended and without supervision. She eventually fell, sustaining facial and elbow fractures, and died after acquiring aspiration pneumonia. Our investigation revealed patterns…

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Product Made to Pay


In a products liability case, we recovered a confidential settlement of $9,600,000 after two and a half years of litigation on behalf of our client, who suffered brain damage resulting in quadriplegia.

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Burn Compensation

$5.5 million

Substandard housing contributed to a 10-year-old boy suffering significant burns on his body. Those responsible were made to give compensation in the amount of $5.5 million.

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Space Heater Defect Results in Death


Fire department investigation concludes house fire is caused by unattended cigarette. We determined that a cigarette was not the cause of fire and that it was actually an electrical failure, within a defective space heater, that lead to an explosion, and death.

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Dementia Patient and Arrest leads to Death


Man with dementia and Alzheimer’s is arrested for loitering. Later, he is released from a county jail, without supervision, and is later struck while crossing a roadway. Despite governmental immunities we determined that the release was negligent and irresponsible.

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Motor Vehicle Product Defect Causes Collision


Vehicle stalls on freeway leading to a subsequent rear-end collision resulting in head injury to toddler in child restraint system. Ultimately, we determined that a manufacturing defect was the original cause for the vehicle to stall and the manufacturer was partially responsible for the collision that followed.

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Pedestrian vs. Commercial Truck


In adverse police investigation an elderly pedestrian allegedly fails to yield the right-of-way to semi-truck in marked crosswalk. We ultimately determine that speed and inattention on the part of the truck driver was the primary factor for the collision to occur.

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ATV Involved Collision Causes Death


ATV farm vehicle traveling on highway makes ill-advised left turn and is struck by overtaking vehicle. Despite significant comparative fault issues we determined that the overtaking vehicle was traveling at an unsafe speed for conditions and making an unlawful passing maneuver at the time of the collision.

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Retail Store Maintenance and Fall


Slip and fall in retail store where sales signage in a walkway created a tripping hazard resulting in foot fracture and complications. We determined that the store failed to maintain a safe environment for its patrons.

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Unsafe Lane Change Results in Vehicle Roll-Over


Unsafe lane change – without vehicle contact – results in a loss of control, an impact with the center median wall and vehicle roll-over. Passenger’s hand is crushed in the roll-over event. Despite the absence of contact between the vehicles we determined the initial turning maneuver was unlawful.

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